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The Royal Chess Club is the first (of a kind) Cardano chess NFT project. This unique project comprises a dynamic collection of 300 chess sets with 4,800 NFTs on Cardano Blockchain.

Our art will feature 6 base characters that capture the 6 different types of chess pieces – King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn.

Be part of our journey and get access to our exclusive Chessverse – chess gaming that helps you expand your world of Crypto.

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Membership Cards

Enjoy front of the line access to future mints, updates and airdrops by enrolling for one of our membership cards.

  • Bronze Membership – Guarantees up to 1 mint 
  • Silver Membership – Guarantees up to 3 mints
  • Gold Membership – Guarantees up to 5 mints

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Our Art

Leveraging complex levels of automation, these 4,800 pieces of art each have unique features generated from a combination of traits, with some traits being rarer than others.

Chess art is divided into 10 families that are inspired by the evolution of the game across centuries. Each family is part of one of the four chess classes (Master, National, International, and Grandmaster) that allow you to stake and earn rewards.

Collect all 16 pieces of a chess art family (of any material) to make your own set and become a “Dynasty Master”. Join our notable high society, by collecting all 16 pieces of the same family and material, to become a “Pyramid Master”.







Chess Families

Our Chess NFT rarities are inspired by the evolution of the game across centuries.

Born out of the Indian game Chaturanga during the 600s AD, the game eventually evolved by the 16th century into Chess as we know it today.

The Chess NFTs will be ranked based on historical origin with the earliest being the rarest with a twist on the materials. This unique twist adds an exciting new dimension to the world of Chess NFTs and is sure to attract the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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This is a story from centuries ago, of empires strong and vast, ruled by Kings 👑 and Queens 👑 driven by their quest for power, chasing conquests through strategy

What started as Chaturanga, a game of war strategy with attacking moves, swiftly spread across the Eastern world to give birth to Xiangqi, Shatranj, Shogi, Makruk and Shatar.

The genesis of Shatranj in the middle east inspired Senterej, Acedrex, Xadrez and Zatrikion across Africa and the Western world. It moved across time, passed through generations of royalty, nobility and the gentry.

These kingdoms were guided by their trusted advisors, protected by armored knights, defended by their loyal warriors, led by their mighty King and powerful Queen. 

Of all the strategies, the endgame would prove most crucial and decide the fate of every kingdom, to conquer or be conquered.


Q2 & Q3 2022
Q2 & Q3 2022

  • Royal Chess Club inception
  • Team, Art, Roadmap, Utility, P2E game discussions
  • Twitter launch
  • Discord Launch
Q4 2022
Q4 2022

  • Membership Card Mint
  • Chess Pieces NFT Art Work
Q1 2023
Q1 2023

  • Chess NFT Mint
  • Royalty Giveaway Program
  • Tokenomics development
Q2 2023
Q2 2023

  • Introduce $RCC tokenomics
  • P2E Development
Q3 2023
Q3 2023

  • $RCC token airdrop
  • P2E Development
Q4 2023
Q4 2023

  • Chessboard NFT mint
  • NFT staking platform
  • Yield Farming
Q4 2023
Q4 2023

  • P2E Game ecosystem
  • Traditional Chess
  • Royal Chess
  • Gaming rewards


Are you a novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert player?

All are welcome to play and earn at the Royal Chess Club. We got you covered! Come and play and become a Grandmaster!

Play-to-earn variants of Chess Game

  • Traditional Chess
    • Standard chess games
  • Royal Chess
    • Play the traditional game in a modern way
    • Special Powers to boost your game
    • Special powers purchased from our Marketplace

Do you know that the win of the game will be added as an attribute to your NFTs, thereby making it more valuable?

Our Team


Founder & Visionary
CNFT Enthusiast

Cardano Kristof

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy
CNFT Enthusiast, CNFT Collector

Johnny Tran

Co-founder & Head of Marketing
CNFT Enthusiast




Discord Moderator


Twitter & Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator


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Membership Card Booster Multiplier

Project Collabs


Cardano is a blockchain and ADA is the coin that powers the Cardano network. Cardano platform aims to be a decentralized application (DApp) development platform with a multi-asset ledger and verifiable smart contracts

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a

  • Digital Asset – NFT is a digital asset that represents Internet collectibles like art, music, and games with an authentic certificate created by blockchain technology that underlies Cryptocurrency.
  • Unique – It cannot be forged or otherwise manipulated and are uniquely identifiable
  • Exchange – NFT exchanges take place within marketplaces such as,, etc.

Any official launches will be done on the official website of the project and/or on the project’s Discord channel

There are multiple ways to get our whitelist for membership card. Early supporters, Twitter followers, Active on Discord, Giveaways.

For the Phase 2 Chess NFT mint, holding a Membership Card guarantees a mint

The only way to earn “OG” role is by owning a Membership Card

Membership Card mint: Whitelist guarantees 1 Membership card

Chess NFT Collection: The amount of whitelist mint will correlate to the membership card specifications held in a wallet. Membership cards are stackable

The wallets that are compatible are:

  • Daedalus
  • Yoroi
  • Nami
  • Gero
  • Flint
  • And other All official Cardano wallets that support NFTs

Note: Please do not use an exchange wallet like Coinbase or Binance as you will not receive your NFT and you will lose your funds

You’ll receive a refund minus the transaction fees

When you purchase an NFT from this project on the Cardano blockchain, you will own that specific NFT.
Holders hold the full rights to it and there will be no limitation rights to use, display, copy and modify the purchased NFT Art. There will be a possibility of gamification of the characters.
Your NFT will grant you royalties, staking rewards, entry to the Chessverse program, Play to Earn, YFarming, and others.

The project will be listed on all of the major Cardano based NFT marketplaces such as,, and others

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